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Wayne Trail is a recognized leader in the supply of tooling equipment.

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The manufacture, installation and maintenance of jet engines for today’s military and commercial aircraft requires significant use of ‘ground support tooling’. Such tooling, fixturing and devices are key to the quality, safety and care that must be constantly maintained when handling and caring for these critical devices. Wayne Trail has become a recognized leader in the supply of such equipment – providing a wide variety of products that are machined, assembled and checked to extremely tight tolerances and standards. These products are ultimately shipped and used at aircraft and jet engine maintenance facilities around the world.

This same quality and attention to detail is being applied by the Wayne Trail manufacturing team to an increasing number of projects involving check-fixtures, assembly jigs, specialized tooling and sub-systems for the automotive, appliance, HVAC markets and more. We can turn your prints and specifications into manufacturing reality – in a timeframe and at a cost that will meet your objectives, and with the quality you demand.

The equipment and services list on the opposite page is an overview of our broad range of manufacturing capabilities. We also work with a wide range of other local suppliers - as partners, that we’ve qualified and developed relationships with - to supplement our capabilities or capacity when required by a particular project scope or timeline.

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