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PDF: Hydroform Automation

Shearing, Trimming, Punching, Piercing...

Wayne Trail offers complete post-hydroform systems.

Photo Gallery: Hydroform Automation
Video: Hydroform Part 1
Video: Hydroform Part 2
After a tube has been hydroformed, additional steps are required to prepare the part for further processing or use.

This series of steps begin what is usually referred to as the ‘post-hydroform’ portion of the manufacturing process.

End shears, center shears, trimming, punching, piercing, laser cutting, end sizing, poke yoke, washing and marking are all common processes typically provided in this section of a Wayne Trail post-hydroform system. These processing steps can be completed individually or in combination within modules that are custom designed for a specific family of parts.

With an ever increasing variety of shapes, wall thicknesses and metallurgical properties being designed-in to the tubular shapes that will be hydroformed, Wayne Trail’s experience in tool design and build provides a strong background when developing the modules and processing steps required to address this critical portion of the process.

Unloading, Transfer, and Racking

Wayne Trail has the correct handling solution for your application.
One of the common threads to all Wayne Trail markets and systems, is material handling. Whether we are processing parts in a stamping press, underbody or seat-back tubes in a Flexbending® cell, or hydroformed tubes in a hydroform/structural frame processing system, Wayne Trail has the correct handling solution for the application.

High performance part transfers are supplied for all automated pre- and post-hydroform systems. Transfers and lift units can be servo, hydraulic or pneumatically driven – depending on through-put and application requirements. Tooling is customized for each process module within the system.

Robots and end-effectors for press loading and unloading, or end-of-line conveying, racking or stacking operations can be supplied and fully integrated by Wayne Trail.

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