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Wayne Trail is often called upon to participate in a project that requires the products, process and know-how of multiple 3rd party suppliers – besides the Wayne Trail portion of the design. Such projects require a higher level of coordination, planning and implementation – to ensure that the complete system design is a seamless blend of technologies, from a design, control and functionality standpoint – as well as ensuring that the customer's end-product and operational requirements are fully realized.

The Wayne Trail team is experienced and well equipped to handle integrated systems application when the need arises. From full turn-key responsibility - including process engineering & 3rd party supplier evaluation, sourcing and coordination - to site planning and prep, rigging, installation and start-up - we are up to the task.

In today's economy, it has become commonplace for many of our customers - regardless of size or market position - to be operating with engineering and planning/sourcing teams that are significantly smaller in number, yet just as highly tasked for the variety of projects, programs and improvements they must implement. In these situations, Wayne Trail Technologies can act as your 'prime contractor' - providing you with the resources and expertise needed to engineer, plan and source the various components of your process - and giving you a 'single point of contact' for the communication, coordination and commercial aspects of your project.

In other, simpler cases, Wayne Trail can act in 'coordination only mode' - working closely with the 3rd party sources that our customer selects, to provide our portion of the equipment and process in a design and style that will best match and work with the other processes involved - from a control, pass-line, interlock and safeguarding scheme.

We can tailor our integration and coordination activities to meet your goals and objectives - while providing you with the most cost effective solution to your needs. Contact Wayne Trail for your next project and put our Integrated Systems approach to work for you!

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