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Flex Cut I Laser Cutting System

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The Flex Cut I laser cutting system from Wayne Trail, coupled with our fully automated robotic based high speed stacking and welding systems, represents a major break-thru in technology, efficiency and flexibility in the manufacture and assembly of components using ‘thin coated foil’ materials, such as those found in the electrodes used for the production of prismatic style lithium-ion batteries and special purpose large capacitors. Replacing traditional ‘hard tooled’ solutions, the Flex Cut I system uses an array of high-speed scanner based optics, coupled to dedicated high power single mode lasers - to laser cut multiple complex shape components per system cycle - at cut speeds of up to 10 meters per second. Changing component shapes requires only the change-out of 2 sets of ‘fixture plates’. All other changes within the system are handled by program control. Incoming material is delivered in coil form to a feed and cut area of the machine. Once the components are laser cut, scrap is evacuated and the cut parts are transferred to a conveyor and cleaning system, where debris and fines are removed from the material, prior to high speed robot stacking. Continuous operation is achieved by virtue of having multiple coils in queue, and multiple stacking areas for finished cut & cleaned parts. As with all Wayne Trail laser systems, the Flex Cut I is CDRH class 1 compliant. The output of one Flex Cut I system is equivalent to the output of up to six conventional hard tooled stamping or shearing systems. Elimination of costly, long-lead carbide tools, reductions in floor space requirements and operator head-count, are dramatic cost savers that underscore the efficiency of the Flex Cut approach to thin coated foil processing.

High Speed Robotic Based Stacking and Welding System for L-I battery ‘cell packs’
Stacks of laser cut components from the Flex Cut system are typically dried and then down-stream processed thru Wayne Trail STACKING AND WELDING systems. In these highly specialized fully automated machines, finished components are selectively stacked via high speed robots with integrated vision and trajectory correction software, into a pile that is interleaved with a special separator film. The Wayne Trail Stacking and Welding system automatically dispenses and cuts this separator film after interleaving and wrapping operations are completed. The wrapped component stack is automatically handled thru several inspection and finishing operations, including heat-seaming of the film, tab and terminal welding, weighing, hi-pot testing, and optical measurement/inspection of finished sub-assembled pack. Multiple stacking stations are provided at the front end of the system, to allow continuous operation and optimized output. Generally, several stack and assembly system are required to handle the output of one Flex Cut laser cutting and processing system.

If your requirements call for the handling, cutting and stacking/assembly of thin and delicate coated or uncoated foils or similar substrates, and flexibility, modularity and affordability are key to the success of your operation, call the experts at Wayne Trail to see how the FLEX CUT family of processing systems can work for you.

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