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FLEX LASE Universal Laser Processing Cells shown in construction and pre-shipment testing.

PDF: FLEX LASE Applications
Photo Gallery: Tailored Blank Systems

Video: FLEX LASE 1
Auto Exchange Sequence,
Laser Cut to Laser Weld
Video: FLEX LASE 2
Remote Welding Demo

The FLEX LASE processing system is equipped as ‘standard’ with high power, high efficiency fiber laser technology, robot based process articulation, and a wide variety of fixture and tooling options. The Flex Lase system from Wayne Trail can rapidly change between laser cutting and laser welding (or other processing) modes (including scanner based remote welding) by virtue of the fully automatic coupling and de-coupling of multiple laser processing heads located within the workcell. Non-laser based end-of-arm robot attachments can also be used within the Flex Lase system for post-process operations such as inspection, marking, material handling and more.

The standard system features a one piece ‘unitized’ base and enclosure construction, CDRH class 1 compliant, with on-board electrical and pneumatic controls, work area lighting, access door, fume evacuation and filtration. The self-contained design ships as a complete module in many applications, greatly reducing the need for on-site re-assembly - and associated start-up time, expense and delay. Flex Lase can be ready for production start-up in your facility in record time. All systems are fully run-off at our facility before shipment, providing functional verification and an excellent pre-delivery training platform for your operators and technicians. A wide variety of fixturing, loading and unloading options are available to tailor the operation of FLEX LASE to your specific production requirements or material handling preferences. Process development and part-specific robot programming can also be done pre-shipment if desired, or at your facility.

A truly universal and flexible approach to manufacturing, FLEX LASE by Wayne Trail, provides a ‘total automation solution’ for your manufacturing needs.


Click on the image above to launch a PDF version.

FLEX LASE Universal Laser Processing Cell
Scope of supply, system as shown above:

1. CDRH Class 1 laser enclosure
2. 6-axis robot w/auto tool coupler
3. Laser cutting head w/storage stand
4. Laser welding head w/storage stand
5. Fixture base w/ integral fume ducting
6. Electrical enclosure
7. Pneumatic enclosure
8. Fiber laser
9. Water-to-air chiller
10. Robot controller
11. Fume exhaust and filtration unit
12. Work cell service access door
13. Laser cutting head controller
14. Cable management system

The components that comprise the FLEX LASE design have been carefully selected to provide long life in a harsh environment. The rugged, unitized construction provides a robust platform for accurate robot-based laser processing within a well illuminated CDRH class 1 compliant enclosure. All laser, cooling, electrical, pneumatic and process controls are mounted ‘on-board’ the work-cell for ease of installation and efficient use of floor-space. Full specifications for the system as currently shown, are listed on the following page.

A wide range of options can be specified by the end user to further enhance the configuration of FLEX LASE. Laser type and power can be optimized for ‘job specific’ applications. Robot reach, weight carrying capacity, model or brand can be selected to comply with customer standards or local preferences. Cooling, fume exhaust and process gas supply can be deleted from scope when bulk or plant-wide supplies are available. Our applications team can work with you to develop an arrangement that meets your specific needs or requirements.

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