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FLEX LASE PRO High Speed Scanner-Based Laser Processing Cell.

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Laser Cut to Laser Weld
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The FLEX LASE PRO variant of our popular FLEX LASE product line is a high speed 3-axis scanner based laser processing cell, ideally suited for prototyping, process development and production –or any applications where extreme processing speed and high accuracy are required. With an exceptionally large field of view and working area (up to 1000mm x 1000mm by means of power adjusted scanner height set-up), FLEX LASE PRO can handle a wide range of parts and shapes, whether one at a time or in batch - identical or mixed design components.

Designed for safe, efficient use in every environment from lab research and prototype development to full production and high speed manufacturing operations, FLEX LASE PRO can be used for laser cutting, welding, marking, heat treating, sealing, bonding, ablation, character scribing, engraving and additive manufacturing –working in materials ranging from metals (bare or coated) and exotic alloys, to polymers, plastics, stone and glass.

FLEX LASE PRO can handle a variety of applications in automotive, aerospace, semi-conductor, medical and general industry, and is particularly well suited for processing many types of components used within ‘green’ technology market segments, such as lithium-ion and high efficiency batteries, fuel cells, heat exchangers, solar panels and more.

Like all Flex Lase systems, FLEX LASE PRO is modular and completely self-contained, making it easy to locate, hook-up and put into use. Laser, chiller, fume exhaust, gas management and controls are all ‘on board’, with easy access for maintenance and set-up. To help free up valuable floor space in your facility, the design of the unit allows for near zero-clearance along its back wall. A large, precision drilled/tapped work surface is provided, with scribed centerlines, making the mounting and location of fixturing and tooling efficient and repeatable. A variety of tool mounting options are available, including powered precision slides and rotary positioning tables, with digital display or full integration to the on-board controller. Within the class 1 enclosed laser workspace area of FLEX LASE PRO, quick connections are provided for I/O signaling, gas management, pneumatics and 110v power, enabling the use of any number of auxiliary monitoring devices – such as vision, process or measurement - as may be desired for lab, prototyping or production requirements.


Click on the image above to launch a PDF version.

FLEX LASE PRO Scanner-Based Laser Processing Cell
Main System Components:

1. CDRH Class 1 laser enclosure
2. 3-axis scanning head
3. Height adjust for scanner head FOV
4. Fiber laser
5. Chiller
6. Fume exhaust
7. Gas and pneumatic inlet connections
8. Fiber & cable management
9. I/O, 110v power, cable inlet
10. Scanner controller
11. Electrical control cabinet
12. Bottled gas storage and access door
13. Machined work surface with mtg holes
14. Operator control station

The components used in the FLEX LASE PRO design have been selected to provide long life in an industrial environment. The rugged, unitized construction provides a robust platform for 3 axis scanner-based laser processing. The workspace is contained within a well illuminated CDRH class 1 compliant enclosure. Interlocked doors with wavelength correct glass, are located on all sides of the work space allowing easy access for fixture mounting, process viewing and parts loading/unloading activities.

Full specifications for the standard FLEX LASE PRO system can be found in the PDF documentation.

A wide range of options can be specified by the end user to further enhance the configuration of FLEX LASE PRO. Laser type and power (single or multi-mode), scanner type, scanner FOV (field of view), focused spot size, process monitoring and other options can be selected to suit job-specific requirements. Chiller, fume exhaust and process gas supply can be deleted from scope when suitable bulk or plant-wide supplies are available at customer site. Our applications team can work with you to develop a system design that meets your specific needs or requirements.

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