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The Gen I design incorporates a die 'cassette' that can be exchanged.

PDF: FLEX LASE Applications
Photo Gallery: Tailored Blank Systems
Video: Laser Systems
The Generation I EPS from Wayne Trail is an ideal choice when requirements call for multiple machines to be used across several weld lines or work cells, or when they are to be located in different geographic locations.

The high precision cutting tools and clamping components of the Gen I design are incorporated into a die ‘cassette’. By means of the quick change feature, standard on the Gen I system, a spare tool cassette can be easily and quickly exchanged when a maintenance interval is indicated. Your machine is returned to service in a matter of minutes, ready for another million cycles of use, while the removed cassette is serviced off-line or at our factory at a schedule that is convenient to you - without production interruption. All Wayne Trail EPS systems can be automated with conveyors, robots or tended manually, based on application requirements.

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