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Precision edge prep yields dramatic thru-put and weld quality gain.

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All tailored blank suppliers now realize the importance of attaining the best possible edge fit-up prior to the laser butt welding process. Well above any adaptive or gap compensating process, precision edge prep yields the most dramatic and reliable thru-put and weld quality gain... blank after blank, year after year.

It is well proven that a ‘conventional’ shear, with segmented or even one-piece blades, simply cannot hold up to the rigors of the tailored blank edge-prep environment. Differential thicknesses, asymmetrical loading, the processing of higher strength materials and cutting thru weld joints on multi-component/multi-linear parts, are but a few of the challenges that cause a such a machine to fail in its application. Wayne Trail introduced the Gen III and Gen IV 1x-D single sided, fixed knife precision edge prep system - as an excellent means to provide this process step, either ‘off line’ or integrated into an existing, vintage system. The single sided EPS has all the same attributes of our proven double sided machines, and is a drop in replacement that will fit within the footprint of the conventional shear it will replace. The Wayne Trail Gen III and Gen IV EPS is a true ‘set it and forget it’ machine that requires no adjustment and can run millions of cycles between blade maintenance intervals.

Wayne Trail Gen IV ‘value engineered’ 1x-D EPS


The Gen III double sided edge prep system is unrivaled in durability.
The Generation III double sided fixed knife edge prep system from Wayne Trail is simply ‘best in class’. No other machine can rival its performance or durability.

Based on the patented clamping and cutting approach perfected by Wayne Trail on the Generation I die set type system, the Gen III design offers a more versatile solution that can be supplied either fully integrated into a new laser welding system, or retro-fitted into any existing system as a means to radically increase output and weld quality.

Each side of the Gen III 2x system can be operated independently, optimizing cycle time and synchronization requirements with upstream and downstream automation.

Every EPS system from Wayne Trail is fully capable of processing the entire range of material grades used in today’s automotive products – from mild and deep draw quality coated steels, to the most aggressive or exotic grade of AHSS – and even aluminum when the job calls for it! Long length weld seams, with or without weld joint intersections, or multi-out blanks for underbody components – can all be processed without adjustment on a Wayne Trail Gen III EPS.

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