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FLEX LASE Universal Laser Processing Cell
FLEX LASE PRO Scanner-Based Laser Processing Cell
Flex Cut I Laser Cutting System
Flex weld II 'Multi-Axis' Laser Blank Welding System
LW-B Linear Laser Blank Welding Systems
Gen III Single and Double Sided Edge Prep
Gen I Die Change Type Edge Prep System
Installation & Start-Up Services
Product Support, Factory Refurb
Integrated Systems
Build-to-Print / Manufacturing Services
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Wayne Trail offers expert installation and start-up support for every system we build. From simple site supervision and training, to complete turn-key installation, our service and engineering team is available to help you bring your system up to full production capability. Many of our customers find it both convenient and cost effective to have us handle their installation. The range of services we can provide includes shipping and logistics, foundation prep, rigging, wiring and piping, area barrier safeguarding, site supervision, production support and more.

We also supply system integration and project management services for larger, more complex lines. Such systems often require significant coordination between 3rd party vendor supplied devices, such as lubricators, washers, presses, tooling, robots, inspection/marking stations and more. Our know-how and experience makes us the perfect partner for your next major project.

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