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Products, Systems and Capabilities Overview

Wayne Trail provides a wide variety of flexible, modular and self-contained laser processing systems

PDF: FLEX LASE Applications
Photo Gallery: Tailored Blank Systems
Video: Laser Systems

Systems from Wayne Trail provide unsurpassed levels of performance and reliability for laser processing applications. Whether your need is for laser welding, cutting, brazing, cladding, heat-treating, marking, etching, or paint & coating removal . . . chances are Wayne Trail has a FLEX LASE based laser solution that can fit your needs.

The FLEX LASE product line (Flex Lase; Flex Lase Pro; Flex Weld II, Flex Cut I) can be supplied in standard or fully customized arrangements to best suit your application and budget.

Wayne Trail first entered the market for engineered laser processing systems, during the market ramp-up and implementation of ‘laser welded tailored blanks’ into mainstream automotive body-in-white manufacturing - circa 1989-1990. Tailor welded blanks have forever changed the way vehicles are made. These patchwork blanks with varying thickness, coatings or metallurgical properties are joined together by laser welding, before the stamping process. By doing so, the finished formed or stamped parts exhibit a wide range of desirable attributes, such as lower weight, higher strength, reduced scrap, simpler assembly using fewer parts and improved vehicle structural integrity. Today, laser welded blanks, tubes, structural frame components and other complex geometric shapes are used in a wide variety of applications that go far beyond automotive - to aerospace, appliance, HVAC, medical, food prep and processing and more.

From the onset, Wayne Trail has been committed to providing the industry with a range of affordable, standardized FLEXIBLE solutions that would help make laser processing technology available to a broader range of users. This approach provided a viable, affordable alternative to the ‘black box - home built’ solutions that tended to dominate the early landscape of the then fledgling laser processing industry. All laser systems from Wayne Trail are class 1 compliant, with full documentation and accession filings included as part of your system deliverables - standard!

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