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PDF: LW-B Robotic System
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The LW-B series out-performs any other linear welder on the market.

PDF: FLEX LASE Applications
Photo Gallery: Tailored Blank Systems
Video: Laser Systems
The Wayne Trail LW-B and LW-A series of linear weld stations and systems, are true work horse’s the industry. These systems out-perform any other linear welder on the market when it comes to blank to blank cycle rate and thru-put ‘at the end of the day’.

When coupled with a Gen I, Gen III or Gen IV style precision edge prep system, these laser weld systems will produce production quality laser butt welds at speeds in excess of 13 meters per minute in most blank thickness combinations - including ‘same gauge’ applications – at eject/reject rates well below 1%. Process monitoring capability is greatly enhanced due to the stable weld environment (and intimate fit-up) provided by the edge prep process.

The Wayne Trail LW-B and LW-A series laser weld gantry requires minimal maintenance or set-up, and is a welcome addition to the factory floor, due to it’s extreme robustness and durability. The main weld head drive and all clamp motions are handled precisely and effortlessly by high power, high precision linear motors, allowing for precise control and feedback. CDRH class 1 compliance is standard, as is the high flow fume evacuation and filtration system, which increases the time between cleaning intervals, optimizing uptime and system availability.

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