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Wayne Trail servo transfers and automation provide flexibility.

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Products, Designs, and Capabilities
Wayne Trail servo transfers and automation systems provide increased flexibility and enhanced performance.

Nearly every stamper today is faced with the same challenges: frequent product design changes, lower production lot sizes, and a need to reduce production costs. Consequently, adding increased capability to a new or existing press is an attractive and viable option that can significantly reduce required capital outlay.

Often competing for the 'same space' when it came to press window openings, and floor space around the press for coil feed or looping pit equipment, most press transfer systems of the past were specified to work only within narrow application guidelines. Progressive die/coil fed applications could rarely be mixed with transfer die operations - and vice versa. This was largely due to the mechanical and complex nature of the transfer, automation and tooling required to operate with transfer dies.

Today's servo based transfer automation for transfer dies are modular and programmable. They can be added to virtually any press while maintaining the ability to run coil fed prog dies when required. The resulting 'multi-purpose' capability of the system gives the press shop a new dimension of flexibility, and becomes a valuable tool that can help provide profitability and growth.

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