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Wayne Trail systems are modular in design and built for reliability.

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PDF: Developing the Multi-Purpose Press Line
Wayne Trail provides engineered solutions to automate just about every aspect of the stamping and forming process, including die change, storage and retrieval systems. Such sub-systems are often the backbone of a production application that requires frequent change-over between a large ‘family’ of similar, yet discreetly different parts. A good example of this requirement is the wide array of doors, panels and enclosures used in the manufacture of home appliance and HVAC products.

These systems can be supplied as part of a turn-key, fully integrated press automation solution, or as a stand-alone add-on to upgrade an existing press system. Modular in design, and built with the same ruggedness found in every Wayne Trail product, these devices will increase the productive up-time of your stamping/forming system by allowing fast, accurate and reliable die exchange in either a fully automated or semi-automated mode. From large complex transfer dies to small tooling and sub-dies, we can design a solution that’s right for you.

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