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Front and Back Transfer Systems address conventional limitations.

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The need to retrofit existing presses with servo transfers posed new challenges to transfer suppliers. Conventional “through the window” designs limit the range of products that can be run on a press. The maximum part size is dictated by a combination of press window size, transfer bar width and transfer clamp stroke required. Valuable press bed area is not fully utilized. The Wayne Trail Model WTTBD Front and Back Mounted Transfer System was specifically developed to address these production limitations.

Front and Back mounting allows parts to be run that are virtually the full width of the press window. Press mounting brackets attach in areas that do not interfere with existing coil feed or conveyor equipment. Commonized lift/pitch/clamp modules are mounted to these brackets on both sides of the press. Modules are designed to minimize motion and weight, thus keeping inertia to a minimum. The standardized design allows manufacturing in quantity, which enables quicker deliveries, lower costs and continual product improvement. The units can be moved ‘offline’ quickly and easily, providing excellent access for die maintenance or change-over.

The Wayne Trail Front and Back servo transfer system provides a high performance solution that is affordable and easy to implement.

Front and Back Mounted 3-Axis Servo Transfer
X-Axis (Pitch): 0 – 36" (0 – 915 mm)
Y-Axis (Clamp): 0 – 36" (0 – 915 mm)
Z-Axis (Lift): 0 – 24" (0 – 610 mm)
Transfer Speed: up to 60 SPM (job specific)

Standard Features Popular Options
PC Based Operator Interface Allen Bradley Drive/Control in place of Indramat
Press Mounted Encoder Pendant Control for Set-Up and Edit
Automatic Lubrication System Auto-Change Transfer Bars
Remote Diagnostics Lateral Die Access (both sides)
Start-up and Training Support Die Specific Tooling Design

Design Features
Rugged aluminum weldments provide light weight, yet robust framework
Counter-balanced lift axis improves performance
Precision-ground helical rack & pinion drive train for high accuracy
Maintenance-free linear bearings, sized for long life and extreme reliability
Automatic lubrication system reduces maintenance downtime
Commonality of drive & drive train components simplifies spares planning
Easy access for die maintenance and die change
Can operate in multiple feed directions: L-R; R-L; F-B and 'dual lane' production
Available in 4-module arrangement for larger, longer bed press applications

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