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PDF: Robotics, Welding and Fixturing


Our fixture assemblies feature robust design and construction, copper
plumbing lines, spatter shielding and special coatings to prevent weld
contaminant build-up.
Reliable, high quality tooling is the true key to success in a welding system. All tooling designed and supplied by Wayne Trail Technologies includes shielding from weld spatter, copper plumbing for air lines, and protective weld covers for all sensor cables. Cylinders are designed in “closed” positions wherever possible to prevent damage to guide rods and seals. Exotic materials and coatings are often used on part locator blocks to prevent spatter buildup from causing quality problems.

Keeping tools as simple as possible helps reduce costs and allows for easy maintenance in the future. We strive to make use of standard off the shelf components to help reduce the need of large inventories of spare parts. The use of NAAMS standards as our baseline for design results in tooling that is cost effective and simple to shim.

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