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PDF: Tube Bending Systems

Flexbending® systems from Wayne Trail offer flexibility.

Photo Gallery: Tube Bending
Video: Tube Bending Part 1
Video: Tube Bending Part 2
Video: Tube Bending Part 3

> Run multiple tube products on one machine
> Quick change over for small lot size runs
> High production rates / low production costs
> Fully programmable bend parameters with auto-correct
> Easily re-configured to run new parts for future requirements

How important are these features to you when purchasing a new tube bending / manufacturing system? In today’s ever changing business environment, flexibility can be the difference between being busy... or being left on the outside looking in.

Whether it is a family of oil sump tubes with 3 to 6 bends, trim, end form and assembly operations - or underbody lines with 30 or more bends and endforms, Wayne Trail has a Flexbending® system for you. These systems typically include tube hoppers, weld seam detectors and servo powered benders. Endforming, flattening, piercing, trimming, welding and assembly operations are common modules added to these systems. Parts are moved from station to station by a high performance servo transfer.

In many cases a raw tube is entered into the Flexbending® system and a finished assembly exits the system. How many separate operations do you have in your tube manufacturing process? It could be time to consult with the Wayne Trail team to see if there should be a Flexbending® system in your future.

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