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Wayne Trail offers expert installation and start-up support for every system we build. From simple supervision and training, to complete turn-key installation, our service and engineering team is available and eager to help you bring your system up to full production capability. Many of our customers find it both convenient and cost effective to have us involved in their installation. The range of services we can provide includes shipping and logistics, foundation prep, rigging, wiring and piping, area barrier safeguarding, site supervision, production support and more.

We can also supply system integration and project management services for larger, more complex lines. Such systems often require significant coordination between 3rd party vendor supplied devices, such as lubricators, washers, presses, tooling, laser stations, robots, inspection stations and more. Our know-how and experience makes us the perfect partner for your next major project.


From the time you initially implement your process, right through to a re-tooling or reconfiguration needed to adapt your vintage system to a new requirement, Wayne Trail product support is there to help. We can provide engineered spare part packages to protect your up-time, and recommend upgrades that will improve your productivity.

Our service team can also arrange for system relocation, on-site refurbishment or factory rebuild service when required.

From warranty needs, to preventative maintenance replacement parts – and everything in between – our service department is on call 24/7 to provide you with timely and effective product support.

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