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PDF: Tube Bending Systems

Modules can be grouped into work cells and share controls.

Photo Gallery: Tube Bending
Video: Tube Bending Part 1
Video: Tube Bending Part 2
Video: Tube Bending Part 3

There are applications where automation simply cannot be justified due either to low production rates, short part life cycle, plant location, or a combination of factors. Regardless of the reason, Wayne Trail can offer all of the modules typically included in an automated system - as stand alone workstations, customized to fit individual customer needs. Multiple modules can be grouped into work cells, sharing controls, hydraulics and pneumatics to help reduce cost.

Wayne Trail has more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing this type of tooling and machinery. Our skills and craftsmanship have been well honed over this period of time. For your next project, talk to the pro’s at Wayne Trail, and see the difference that experience makes.

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